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Riding pedagogy

In einer Zeit des Leistungsdrucks und der Bewegungsarmut bietet die erlebnisorientierte Reitpädagogik, den Rahmen für eine sinnvolle Freizeitbeschäftigung, mit Mehrwert. Hier können Sie sich fallen lassen und sich ohne Druck dem Lebewesen Pferd und der Natur nähern. Besonders Kinder brauchen für eine gesunde Entwicklung die Natur, Bewegung und die Nähe zu Tieren.


Unser Angebot im Bereich Reitpädagogik richtet sich an Erwachsene, Jugendliche und Kinder mit und ohne Handicaps. Dieses kann sich positiv auf die Behandlung von psychischen und physischen Beschwerden auswirken. Auch integrative Gruppen sind bei uns Willkommen.

    Riding pedagogyRiding pedagogyRiding pedagogyRiding pedagogyRiding pedagogy

    The horse as a medium

    Our experience based riding pedagogy is a holistic concept that appeals equally to body, mind and spirit. It provides an opportunity for getting close to the animal without stress or the pressure to perform. The focus is on personal development and not on learning to ride a horse. 

    Attention may be given to emotional, social, physical or cognitive issues. People of all ages, with or without disability, can discover their strengths through experience-based riding pedagogy; learning new skills, increasing awareness, strengthening inner and outer balance, overcoming fears, experiencing nature or just having fun and enjoying life.

    The horse’s movement has a positive affect on our wellbeing. Horses mirror their counterpart, which helps therapists draw conclusions about the physical and emotional wellbeing of their clients. Horses become co-therapists and co-educationists. They can be calming as well as activating. The feeling of “being carried” by such a large strong animal is a wonderful experience.

    Horses have a very distinct and highly developed social behaviour pattern, which makes it easy for us to make contact with them and quickly form a relationship. Children and adults can learn how to influence the horse with the help of their own body. This boosts self-confidence, improves concentration, coordination and physical awareness.



     FOR OUR GUESTS! If you or your children are interested in one or more of our riding courses, please complete the application form, so that we can plan your holiday according to your wishes.




    Riding pedagogy courses


    Forest Gnomes

    A course for children aged between 3 and 6


      Riding pedagogyRiding pedagogyRiding pedagogyRiding pedagogyRiding pedagogyRiding pedagogyRiding pedagogy



      The “forest gnomes” learn through play how to handle and relate to a horse. Riding is not the focus of the course. It is about promoting a healthy development in children using the horse as a medium.


      What happens in the “forest gnomes” groups?

      • The children get to know the horses and their living environment

      • They learn to understand the behaviour of the horses

      • We show them how to lead the horses, brush them and scrape out their hooves

      • While riding they learn about the way a horse moves and walks

      • They will play a variety of games, both on and beside the horse


      IMPORTANT! Please ensure that your child is suitably dressed for the weather, wears strong shoes and brings a drink. If the weather is bad, alternative activities take place, incorporating theory, crafts and games.

      Please register your child only if you agree with these conditions.




      Please complete the application form if you are interested in this course.




      Nature trips

      Courses for young people and adults


        Riding pedagogy


        This course is for young people and adults interested in horse riding, or those returning to horse riding, who would like to get to know our horses in a relaxed atmosphere.

        The course will make it possible for beginners, who have little or no experience in horse riding, to enjoy a stress free ride. I will accompany you on foot, so that I can react quickly to both horse and rider, ensuring that you are safe.

        The course includes greeting and familiarizing yourself with the horse, as well as grooming and saddling. You are then led on a ride through the woods. Back at the farm we will feed the horses together, before taking them back to the herd.


        This course can be booked individually or for a group.

        Please complete the application form if you are interested in this course.




        Please complete the application form if you are interested in this course.




        A course for mothers or fathers with children aged 2 and above



        The parent-child course allows children a first careful contact with a horse. At the same time both parent and child can do something for their wellbeing and let them selves be carried.
        This is about spending time together, being close to one another, having fun, discovering new things, sharing experiences and having an adventure. You can ride the horse together, or take it in turns.




        Please complete the application form if you are interested in this course.



        Experience the horse – a day all about the horse

        A course for children aged 7 to 12


          Riding pedagogy


          This is a dream come true for all children who love horses. This day is all about the horse. They learn about the basic needs of horses and are inducted into horse language. They help groom, and of course ride the horse.



          IMPORTANT! Please bring appropriate clothing, strong shoes, a drink and a snack.




          Please complete the application form, if you are interested in this course.



          Desiree Fahrner (staatlich geprüfte Ergotherapeutin und Reitpädagogin IPTh)


          Ich freue mich Ihnen und Ihren Kindern nachhaltige Erlebnisse vermitteln zu dürfen und Ihren Erfahrungshorizont zu erweitern.


          „Der Mensch ist die Summe seiner Erlebnisse und Erfahrungen“ (Unbekannt)