Farm holidays since 1950
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Human and animal

Seit den 50er Jahren ist der Horberlehof ein beliebter Ferienhof – Großmutter Luise Schillinger begrüßte damals die ersten „Sommerfrischler*“. 1998 zog Enkelin Luitgard mit Familie auf den Hof. Seitdem zeigt sich der Hof im ständigen Wandel. Aus einem reinen Beherbergungsbetrieb wurde ein einzigartiger Ferien- und Reiterhof. Hier können sich Menschen und Tiere wohlfühlen und sich in einer natürlichen Umgebung näher kommen.


Das Wohl der Menschen und Tiere steht auf dem Horberlehof im Mittelpunkt. Hier wird nicht von den Tieren, sondern mit den Tieren gelebt und gearbeitet!


*so wurden früher Feriengäste genannt

    Human & Animal

    Luitgard Fahrner

    Horberlehof Mensch und Tier

    Hospitality, administration, housekeeper, rural woman 


    “I was connected to nature and rural life from an early age, growing up on a farm in the Black Forest. In 1997, following 20 years living with my partner in the city, I was finally able to fulfil my dream - to live in my own house and manage a stretch of land in the middle of nature. On our farm we have been able to greet a variety of guests from all over the world. I am constantly meeting new faces and forging new friendships. It is important to me that our guests feel comfortable and take away fond memories of their holiday on our beautiful farm. Through the Association of Rural Women I remain in contact with other farms and exchange experiences with other hosts. I look forward to welcoming you onto our farm”


    Roland Fahrner

    Wood artist, ranger, forestry worker, resident concierge, stable master, wizard


    “Our Black Forest farm provides plenty of opportunities for a trained craftsman. Whether in or around the house, there is always work to do! I like to occupy myself with a passion for the creative carving of wood, while supporting my daughter Desiree with the horses. I am especially happy every summer, when so many children can be found on the farm. They look for wood to burn and help in the stables or around the yard. My magician’s case is especially popular!”


    Desiree Fahrner


    Occupationaltherapist, Riding Educator (IPTh), Riding Instructor (FN), Centeredriding Instructor Level 1


    “I have been fascinated by horses for as long as I can remember. When the family moved to the Horberlehof in 1997 I was allowed to have my own horses and spend a lot of time with these wonderful animals. Over the years I have attended many workshops and training programmes. Horses and horse carers have shown me how beautiful and harmonious being with horses can be, while other experiences have led me to distance myself from certain training methods. The horse is an endless story. Every day you discover and experience something new. I look forward to bringing the wonderful world of the horse a little closer to you or your children.”


    Here you find more information about Desiree Fahrner.

    Our animals

    Horberlehof Bordercollies Kaja und Nero

    The Horberlehof is unimaginable without Nero and Kaja. Kaja has lived with us since 2005 and is a gentle, loyal soul. Nero is Kaja’s son, born in 2008.


    Elli arrived on the farm from the animal shelter in the autumn of 2013 with her son Michel. Our oldest cat is called Paul. He was born on the farm in 2001. Paul is a quiet and satiable cat. 


    Martha is everybody’s favourite pig. She enjoys walks around the yard, sleeping in hay and eating!



    Jolly shares a beautiful spacious chicken run with Hermine and Brunhilde, where they scratch and play from morning until night.


    Horberlehof Mensch und Tier Pferde

    Each of our horses has it’s own character and a friendly nature exudes a healthy self-confidence.
    All horses are ridden without a bit. They feel better without metal in their mouth, manoeuvre more easily and move in a more relaxed manner.

    When working with our horses we work by emphasising positive behaviour. Desirable behaviour is rewarded and therefore repeated, while undesirable behaviour is ignored and therefore reduced.

    The training of our horses begins on the floor, where we work with the methodology of the TGT-Bodenschule and also includes lunging, hand-riding, cavaletti work, shock training, clicker training and the Tellington method. Our work in the saddle is based on classical riding techniques. Centred Riding (riding from the centre of the body) informs our riding, teaching and pedagogy.

    The aim of our training is the physical and emotional wellbeing of our horses. Our sensitive approach motivates our horses and results in a herd that is clearly happy being together with people.

    You can take a look at all of our horses here!